Mimir - The Professional Project Guide


When developing Mimir - The Professional Project Guide, a major focus was put on providing a good usability for all project team members. As the Guide provides very much information, this help system provides some hints especially for new users. The first section contains some general getting started tips. The second block provides a role based Point of Interest Tour through Mimir.

Getting Started

  • When starting with Mimir, the Role Overview and Lifecycle Overview provide the best starting points to get a first overview of the processes described in Mimir.
  • The Role Overview page contains some valuable recommendations for project classifications and how to assign roles to your staff based on the classifications.
  • If you click on the blue phase section in the lifecycle, a high level description of the phases is provided.
  • When clicking on one of the workflows, the appropriate workflow page will open, providing an overview of the workflow as well as detailed activity descriptions. Note: Almost all pages provide links to related topics on the top right hand of the page.
  • After you have investigated the workflows, the next step is an analysis of the document templates.
  • After you have checked some selected templates, the document dependency page is a good place to get a first understanding on how these documents interact in a project.
  • And last but not least you should have a look at all the methods provided with Mimir - the Method Index.

Point of Interests

The following links provide some selected but certainly not complete Points of Interests for the different roles.

Project Manager

Test Manager

Quality Engineer

Configuration Manager

Requirement Engineer





Senior Manager

Quality Manager

Engineering Service

The conventions for editing the process kit are described in the editor's manual.


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