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Release Note

Current Release

Release 01.20rel
Date $Date: 2012-01-29 22:20:19 +0100 (So, 29 Jan 2012) $
Revision $Revision: 903 $
Branch $HeadURL: http://fromm.eit.h-da.de/mimir/Projects/10_Mimir/_working/en/help/releasenote.htm $

Changes in this version

Added content and modifications based on review comments:

  • Added editor manual
  • Corrected broken links caused by capital letters in filenames

Prior Versions

Release 1.10 rel


Release 01.02 beta

Added methods and modifications based on review comments:

Other Issues:

  • Corrected CSS formatting for Internet Explorer

Release 01.01 beta

Updated beta release with some new methods, required for the HDA Master Teamprojects.

Release 01.00 beta

Initial beta release for the presentation of Mimir at the Reconf2010.

Implemented content:

  • All workflows
  • All roles
  • All templates
  • Selected methods

Mimir v01.20rel © H-DA / HOOD / Windhoff / Bär, Pfitzer & Partner 2011. All rights reserved. $Revision: 903 $